In 2016 S.HOUZ signed contracts with Denmark's Montana Furniture and Canada's Gus Design Group to exclusively supply the Korean market. We are focusing on improving the atmosphere of one's home through Nordic design, the rawness of Gus sofas, and the unlimited arrangement possibilities of Montana’s module furniture.

The Korean market, which is sensitive to design trends, has long loved the Gus sofa and Nordic styles not only because of their appearancesbut because the furniture compliments its owners lifestyle.

S.HOUZ's goal is to spread the word in Korea about the Danish Hygge lifestyle culture and incorporate it into each family's home. We believe that one's quality of life can become richer through the things in one's living space. In order to do this, S.HOUZ brings together executives, curators, imported furniture coordinators who have more than quite a few years of experience in the leading living space companies.